Samsung galaxy A90: Full display real estate and a moterised camera set up?

Samsung is expected to unveil its much hyped upper mid range smartphone Samsung galaxy A90 by the end of this march.
It has already received its share of hype and seems to hit the right chord with the audience who are desperately awaiting the device to roll-out.
The most obvious component of a smartphone is display and Samsung galaxy A90 arrives with a prodigious display.
Along with the display size of 6.41″ (16.28 cm),it  comes with a high screen resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels and a pixel density of 402 PPI
Now this is LED based display called as OLED (Organic light emitting diode) and it has its own advantage. When a pixel is off, it is not using up any battery, which is why Galaxy A90 might have upper hand as far as reduction in power consumption is concerned.
The display is guarded with Corning Gorilla glass which is scratch resistant and has long durability.
Higher the mAh rating of a battery longer the battery will last. With Lithium ion non removable battery of 3400 mAh, it is expected to last for a day for an average mobile user, An obsessively enthusiast gamer or an internet maniac could utilize the battery upto 13-14 hours at most.
The Galaxy A90 octacore processor boast the speed of 2.2GHz Kryo 360  dual-core and1.7 GHz Kryo 360 hexa-core with  Snapdragon 710 system-on-chip (SoC) and Adreno 616 GPU
Snapdragon range is designed to offer features and performance that were previously exclusive to the premium Snapdragon 800 series.
Snapdragon 710 is said to support up to 800Mbps download speeds. It also includes 4×4 MIMO technology for up to 70 percent faster download speeds in weak signal conditions,
In terms of display features, the Snapdragon 710 SoC supports with 4K HDR playback for viewing HDR videos and apps.
With Adreno 616, Samsung A90 could be an outstanding, upper mid range phone, as it would effortlessly support the graphics of most popular games like PUBG, Arena of Valor, Shadow fight 3
Samsung galaxy A90 consist of 6GB RAM which could easily populate the device with over 60 apps at any point of time. It has in built memory of 128GB , and expandable memory of upto 512GB.
As Samsung is known to be innovative, it might introduce camera with rolling and sliding features which appears to be the combination of OPPO’s FIND X and N1 smartphones.
It is assumed to be comprised of motorised camera setup to eliminate notch or hole, I.e.
the device won’t need separate cameras on the front and back, the same sensor will be working for selfie as well as rear camera.
Variety of phones with pop up cameras and sliding mechanism is available in the market, but this feature being one of its kind, unlike anything else, could add feather in Samsung’s hat.
So to ascertain how this mechanism works, we need to keep our heels cooling until its launch.
Considering all aspects of smartphone, apparently there are certain roadblocks which might not go well with the consumers.
Nowadays, almost every upper mid range, hefty smartphone is equipped with water resistant security and galaxy A90 fails to keep up with this modern development.
Secondly, If we are conscious and aware of our movement, we know that we induldge most of our time in carrying, handling and grasping the phone in our hands.
So it is inevitable for one to lose grip on the phone inadvertently.
Would the framework of galaxy A90 be able to fortify the motorised camera against the drop?
Samsung has invariably innovated products that has prompted revolution in the Tech world.
Are we on the verge of being exposed to new Cam technology we are unfamiliar with?
Will it act as a benchmark for all future smartphones and would it be able overthrow the standard rear and front concept of camera?
Have we already embark on a whole new journey that would redefine the manner in which photos are clicked and videos are recorded?
The questions are popping up in abundance and the sad part is, we need to hold back a bit for all these to get answered.
Picture courtesy: Trending leaks
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